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November 2014

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Over the years, varieties and styles have gone in and out of fashion as each generation adds its own voice to the discussion of how things should be. In the last forty years or so, each of the varieties/types in this Issue has either emerged from oblivion here in California or has seen its fortunes change dramatically.

Just a few years ago, Syrah was being talked about in the past tense, but the death of Syrah has been greatly exaggerated. The brilliant success stories in this review prove otherwise.

What has been good seems to be getting better, and the number of recommendable wines is on the rise. What is more, California's sparkling wines will take on all comers when it comes to out-and-out value and handily emerge as the winner.

Sometimes we wonder if Merlot is not owed an apology for having been dismissed for no reason other than it is not Pinot Noir. Happily there are dedicated vintners who continue to give it the respect that it rightfully deserves.

While not exactly a rarity here in California, Sangiovese has remained a bit of a marginal player. That, of course, does not mean that very good examples do not exist, and, in this issue, we find a few wines worth serious attention.

There is a bounty of tasty offerings from which to choose in this month's shopping list of priceworthy Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs.

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