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June 2016

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Pinot Noir gets top billing in June, and, if Cabernet Sauvignon may still reign as California's most collectable wine, Pinot Noir's star continues to rise and shines more brightly than ever before. Discerning wine lovers are drinking more local Pinot than ever, and, despite the puzzling worries by some that its new popularity will somehow undermine its success and ultimately threaten its standing on the world stage, the quality seen in the last several vintages is nothing short of remarkable. The only problem we see is that of having to choose from a veritable embarrassment of riches. A quick look at new Sangioveses completes this month's issue, and, if few in number, nearly all have earned enthusiastic recommendation.

This month's extensive review of new Pinots includes many of the top names in the business such as Dehlinger, Donum, Goldeneye, Kosta Browne, Merry Edwards, Paul Hobbs, Testarossa, and Williams Selyem, but, as ever, there are important new names and faces that deserve serious attention, and among them, Blue Farm, Rubia and Wild Ridge are especially worthy of note.

Twenty years back, California Sangiovese briefly flirted with stardom, but its applause was short-lived and it quietly moved from center stage to the wings. However, those devoted few who have kept the faith and refused to abandon the variety are making a convincing case that Sangiovese has a place in the portfolio of fine west coast wines.

June's roster of Best Buys for summer drinking features priceworthy offerings of Zinfandel, Barbera and Chardonnay that are as easy on the budget as they are downright delicious.

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