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November 2021

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West Coast offerings made from the two great grapes of Burgundy share the stage in November's issue, and, be it the white wines of Chardonnay or the reds of Pinot Noir, those made here at home offer more than ample proof that local versions can stand with the best emanating from anywhere in the world.

Well over one hundred Chardonnays are reviewed this month ranging from collectible offerings that will improve with cellaring to more than a few very affordable, well-made efforts that need no special occasion to enjoy. There are reasons aplenty why Chardonnay remains so wildly popular, and chief among them is that it has few equals when it comes to making wonderfully rich and satisfying white wines.

Pinot Noir has long since established itself as an important and very serious player in both California and Oregon, and, as good as local Pinot has been in recent years, the number of fine examples seems to grow with each passing vintage along as does the mastery shown by its best makers.

We like Syrah for its richness and complexity, but we also like it for the quality and real interest that so many price-worthy bottlings exhibit, and this month we highlight a dozen recent favorites that are remarkably affordable for the seriously good red wines that they are. And, we also take a look at a lively lot of inexpensive whites made Pinot Gris that are perfect for light-hearted sipping in every season.

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