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Friday Fishwrap: Random Jottings at Week's End
      ~~Hard To Reach But Worth It

By Charles Olken

It was about 1:30 on a sunny Saturday afternoon when the phone rang. “Hi, Charlie, we are here in Paso Robles wandering around wine country with Jim and Jonel and we were wondering if you have any favorites down this way that we should not miss.”

It turns out that the question is a lot tougher than it sounds because I don’t do much touristy touring around Paso Robles. I am either there on business or I am not there. For better or for worse, my recreational visits are geared to places closer to home like Napa and Sonoma and to Livermore which is sort of in my backyard (same county, at least).

What came to mind rather quickly was a memory of a visit to the hills west of Paso Robles some two or three decades ago, and my answer became abundantly clear. “Darned if I know”, was about all I could say. Except this. “There is a property in the hills to the west that is worth the visit, if only because the territory is so lovely. I know nothing of the tasting room scene at Adelaida, but I recently had a very comfortable chat with some folks at the winery. They were very helpful and happy to assist me in getting the information I needed. Go try Adelaida.”

A few days later, when my friends the Birds, Dick and Di, were home they called again and were ecstatic with their visit. They enjoyed the drive as much as I had and they called to say thank you. One of these days, I am going to head back down that way, and Adelaida Cellars will be at the top of my list. I like their wines. I like their locations. My friends loved their tasting room. When you think of it that way, there is not much not to like.

5805 Adelaida Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(800) 676-1232

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