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Tuesday Tributes: Best of the Blogs
Dr. Vino Makes a Funny

By Charles Olken

Full credit to Tyler Coleman, Dr. Vino, for allowing his blog to be occasionally nothing more than fun. There are plenty of blogs that are always serious. This one is—most of the time. There is the occasional blog that pretends that it is never serious—Hosemaster of Wine looked on the surface to be only for fun but we know better because deep in the heart of The Hosemaster burned a spirit seeking to redress the wrongs in the wine biz through the use of parody and ridicule. There are blogs that are just plain silly, although they are rarely funny. And there is Doc Vino who once in a while seeks out silly things and makes us laugh. Of course, Dr. Vino is mostly serious, compelling and occasionally sharp-tongued and accusatory—as he was in exposing the inconsistencies between the stated policies of independence and lack of bias at Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and the very opposite practices of some of the people who worked there. He may have directed himself to Mr. Parker, but he was challenging all of us who write to be transparent about what we do.

Still, today I do not celebrate Tyler Coleman’s exposés—as juicy as they were and as intriguing as they became with twisting story lines and denials and late acknowledgements. Today, The Best of The Blogs enjoys a couple of short and sweet items that simply made me laugh out loud. They are here at

But, while you are visiting Dr. Vino, you might be interested in another posting he made earlier which he called “In Praise of Mature Wine”. I have mentioned before that I have been collecting for more years than Connoisseurs’ Guide has existed and I have a lot of older wine—some of which is now too old. Doesn’t bother me all that much, because it is there to be enjoyed and it is a pleasure to pull out a fully mature wine now and again. The Dr. Vino article explored the joys and risks of pulling the corks on older wines and asked why it is that young people don’t like old wines. Not only was the article both smart and provocative but so were the responses.  This is a website that I enjoy regularly. Go there for a laugh in today’s posting called “Sipped and Spit” and stay for some of the Doctor’s more serious medicine.


From the Widow HoseMaster
by Samantha Dugan
Posted on:10/19/2010 10:04:03 PM

Sir Charles, thank you so much for the kind words about my late internet husband The HoseMaster of Wine. Very few seemed to understand, (including the man himself) just how relevant and important that voice was in this big, somewhat self inflated and WAY too serious wine blog world. I checked out the link and while it gave me a chuckle it could not give me the soul satifying, side splitting laughter of the late great HoseMaster. I miss him so.....

by Ron Washam
Posted on:10/20/2010 9:30:07 AM

Puff Daddy,

It's nice to still be remembered after a couple of months retired from the wine blogging game. Sadly, there's just as much malarkey and hooey and balderdash about as when I was practicing satire on HoseMaster. There's something about wine that attracts puffery (not of the CGCW kind) and pretension and pussilanimous prose; I think it's the sulfites. The blogosphere has proceeded along without me, though someone has to stop Suckling--for the love of God, don't let that windbag succeed at trying to be the Charlie Rose of wine bloggers. He's more like Pete Rose, or maybe Pete's sister Tokyo. And there are still those pinheads at WSJ who make every wine lover look like a butt-sniffing ignoramus. Oh well, thank you for the kind words, Charlie, I very much appreciate it. And, My Gorgeous Samantha, I miss you too. But you know better than anyone why I left.

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