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Tuesday Tributes: Best of the Blogs
In Which We Reward The Awards

By Charles Olken

The Good Grape

Jeff Lefevere writes a blog entitled The Good Grape. He is one among hundreds of amateurs who have invaded the Internet with their comments and observations about the wine scene. His blog could have been just another among the milling flock that have something to say but say very little.

Jeff Lefevere writes a blog entitled The Good Grape. It is among the top 3% of all blogs on the Internet in terms of visits and among the top 1% of wine blogs. Not bad for anyone. Great for someone who has no role in the wine business and learned his lessons the old-fashioned way—by tasting and reading, by observation and assessing, by working hard at his avocation and by being very smart in the bargain.

Jeff Lefevere writes a blog entitled The Good Grape. It is dry, tightly constructed, rarely a barrel of laughs, does not get nearly the level of argy-bargy that occurs over on But Jeff Lefevere has an advantage over Heimoff and Asimov (NY Times winewriter and his blog, The Pour), over Tom Wark’s Fermentation, and The Connoisseurs’ Blog.

Jeff Lefevere writes a blog entitled the The Good Grape, and it exists “outside the beltway”. He is not part of the old boys’ network. He is unfailingly honest. He is insightful. His blog is must reading because he sees the wine world at arm’s length when so many of us who write about wine see it from the inside.

Today’s Best of The Blogs goes to The Good Grape because it has spent the last week handing out a series of awards in various categories related to wine. Today’s entry, Part IV, hands out awards to wine glasses, wine books and wine philanthropists. I am honored that my new book is among those mentioned, and even though finished out of the money, it is an honor to be in the race alongside the great books that Jeff considered to be tops this year.

Parts I, II and III ran earlier this week. Below is an excerpt from Part III. For more, you will simply have to go to The Good Grape ( yourself.

Quote of the Year
As seen in the Santa Rose Press-Democrat and attributed to Michael Collins, owner and winemaker at Limerick Lane Winery in Healdsburg, in response to harvest this year:
“In farming, every now and then, you get a baseball bat across the face. We got that this year.”



by Steve Heimoff
Posted on:11/11/2010 7:21:13 AM

Love it!

by Charlie Olken
Posted on:11/11/2010 7:36:50 AM


Feel free to use it. I lifted it from my English soccer friends. As you have probably guessed, it is argumentative back and forth.

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