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Sunday Serendipity

WASHINGTON WINES and WINERIES by Paul Gregutt, Second Edition, 360 pages, University of California Press, Berkeley California, 2010 Price: $34.95

Four years ago, when this important book was first published, it received well-deserved critical acclaim as the definitive work focused on the wines and wineries of Washington State. This second edition is even better, not just because it has more wines and better explanations, not just because it is written by the recognized leader in Washington winewriting, but mostly because it is a very fine and complete look at the quantitative and qualitative growth of the Washington wine industry.

Every wine region needs a work like this. Until Mr. Gregutt produced his, there was not a reliable, wise, insightful book that focused on Washington. This is a masterful work. It is full of facts and guides to important data. Yet, when Mr. Gregutt goes beyond the data to introduce us to the places of importance, to the wines that are leading the way and to the producers who started the boom and to the producers who are joining in, he does more than simply educating our brains. He informs our palates. He makes the wines come alive. Yes, every region needs a book like this one, and in the new Second Edition, Paul Gregutt has made a good book even better.

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