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Tuesday Tributes: Best of the Blogs
Italy Updated

By Charles Olken

Yes, it’s true. There are wines under the sun from places beyond California’s borders. One of them is Italy, the land of Piemonte and Tuscany, the Veneto and Friuli. And, when I am thinking about Italy, I drop by the blog written by Alfonso Cevola entitled “On The Wine Trail In Italy”,

Today, I had a few minutes free after approving the Press Proof of our April issue and went over to see what Alfonso was up to now. It turns out that there are new appellations approved in Italy and Alfonso has a report on them. If you like me, drink the occasional Italian wine and have seen the number of wines from that country expand on wine lists and wondered about them, today’s blog is worth a visit. I did and found myself making notes about which of those places I have visited, from which I have tasted the wines and which ones I need to add to my own knowledge base. Today’s Best of The Blogs article resides at:

Here is a sample to wet your whistle: “There is not enough coffee or amaro to make sense of the Byzantine arrangement that the Italian government has devised to anoint the latest DOCG wines in Italy. Back rooms, mind reading, herding cats, I have tried all techniques, and I know this will be an incomplete task.”


Much Love
by Samantha Dugan
Posted on:3/29/2011 1:16:08 AM

Oh now you are speaking to my heart. One of the few blogs I not only read but light up when I see there is a new post. Alfonso is an artist, his words his paint brush and I am one of many that line up to be stroked with his prose. Fan. I am a huge fan of his style and perspective...
by Alfonso C
Posted on:3/29/2011 5:15:32 AM you guys

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