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Friday Fishwrap
This Is The Week That Was

By Charles Olken

While the wine world, at least the California portion, has spent the week engrossed in Pinot Noir natterings, there are other important things also happening in the wine world and it time to get you caught up. Pay attention—there will be quiz at the end.

ITEM: Doc Vino Asks “Why Is A Flight of Wines Called A Flight”

Only three people volunteered an answer to this probing question and none of them got the answer right. It is called “a flight” because a gaggle or a herd would be less attractive. But, we here at Connoisseurs’ Guide have our own groupings. Consider please: A Pride of Pinots; a Company of Cabernets; an Ouch of Outrageously Overripe Chardonnays; a Murder of Mourvedres; A Torture of Tannat.

ITEM: Flora, of Flora Springs Winery Turns 100

Happy birthday, Flora. You are living proof that a Chardonnay a day will keep the doctor away.

ITEM: Big Napa Winery Deal Signals Return of the Los Angeles Money to Wine Country

You may have already seen the reports of this deal and the hyperventilated rhetoric that accompanied it. Someone has paid $4.7 million for a Napa Valley vineyard property with a winery permit. The actual winery burned down several years ago, and the property had been on the market for some time without takers. Okay, this may be good news, but the other side of the equation is this. This property had been in the hands of the Saviez family since 1900. Since the sale does not include the Saviez label, it seems that the family has not given up the chase entirely. But it is a least a little sad that a long-time Napa family has sold off the family jewels.

ITEM: Italian Wine Overtakes French and American in the United Kingdom

It might be a good thing for the Italian economy, but what does it say for English palates that the place is being flooded by a tidal wave of cheap Pinot Grigio?

ITEM: Maker’s Mark and Wheated Bourbon

This from Reuters: “In Loretto, Kentucky, Greg Davis of Maker's Mark carries on an old family tradition of making bourbon with red winter wheat to stimulate taste buds in the front of the mouth”.

This from a rival bourbon maker: The use of wheat to soften the palate and the absence of rye in the grain blend (mash bill to use the Kentucky term) has led to some of us calling Maker’s Mark “sissy whiskey”.

That’s all folks. As the great Scoop Nitzker has said so famously, “If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own”.

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by Samantha Dugan
Posted on:5/20/2011 10:42:58 AM

I think a Gaggle of Over Ripe Chardonnay kinda fits

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