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Friday Fishwrap
Holiday Thoughts and Wishes

By Stephen Eliot and Charles Olken

Those of us who long ago tossed rationality aside in our embrace of things vinous can be a funny lot. Some may wonder how can anyone possibly devote so much time and energy studying, tasting, spending money on and talking, talking, talking about wine.

We wonder too. It is only wine after all. We know that a good many friends and our significant-others have rolled their eyes and looked askance at our affliction over the years, but here and there amidst the utter boredom and glazed looks of numbness we may have caused, we like to think that, at times, we have delivered discovery and delight and sheer pleasure as well. For the former, we apologize, and for the latter we need no thanks…those moments are reward enough in themselves.

We subscribe to the notion that wine’s first duty is to facilitate friendship, and that good wine does not want drinking alone. Clifton Fadiman once wrote that “a bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover.” Amen.

An old French proverb on the other hand says that “the best use of bad wine is to drive away poor relations”. We suppose that the two tidbits of wisdom have their own not-mutually-exclusive truths, but we know which one will guide us as the holidays loom large.

We have still last-minute shopping to do, far more than we would like to admit. And poor Steve has not yet settled on a menu for Christmas dinner whereas Steve and Charlie both, of course, have already picked out the wines. It is no time for poor relations, and no time for bad wine. Our best Holiday wishes for all of our readers are that their celebrations see no need for use of the bad stuff and that their season is one of genuine sharing.

Thank you all for your comments and your continuing support over the years. May the week, the month, the year ahead be filled with joy and peace and prosperity and good wine.


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No Subject
by TomHill
Posted on:12/23/2011 11:46:03 AM

Yup.....totally agree on your point of wine being to facilitate friendships. My life iis infinitely richer because of all the friendships that have been created over a btl of wine. ....way far beyond just drinking buddies. The wines..they come and go...but the friendships seem to endure.

   I'm certain that we'll all drink well over the next week...I certainly plan to.

Best wishes to you & Steve for the Holidays.



And to you
by Samantha Dugan
Posted on:12/24/2011 8:54:35 AM

A very happy holiday to you fine sir. My love to you and your lovely wife.



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