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Tuesday Tributes
Greetings from Gate A-22

By Charles Olken

Travel broadens the mind and dulls the senses. It is eighteen hours since we left the house, and we are stuck here in Frankfurt airport enduring a four hour wait for our one hour trip to Paris. A couple of funny/strange things happened on the way here. the first was that we got lucky and wound up in first class on the United flight here. It was more fun than being in coach, but First Class ain't what it used to be. Or so I am told, having never been in that part of the airplane before.

Here is what I know. The wines are boring but better than coach. The food is better than coach if one reads the menu--Duck with a pomegranate glaze for me; filet mignon for Mrs. Olken. The duck, advertised as rare breast of, turned out to be overdone and smelled of liver. It was inedible. The steak was better. Mrs. Olken managed half of it before giving up. Airline food was never very good in my experience, but somehow I expected the first cabin to be better. On the other hand, the flight was made infinitely more interesting by the presence of Harvey Steiman (WS) sitting one row behind us. Both of us on our ways to Paris, and Harvey with a two-hour shorter layover. I guess it pays to work for a more powerful publication than Connoisseurs' Guide.

More later, especially if I run into Robert Parker.


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Gate A-22
by Harvey Steiman
Posted on:5/28/2012 12:10:54 AM

Hi Charlie,

  And how pleasant it was to see your too-long-not-seen face looming before me to say hello on the flight. I don't know how it passed that my wife and I got on an earlier flight to Paris than you did, but it's what was available when I used my long-hoarded personal miles to book the trip in December.

  While in the business class lounge in Frakfurt, did you happen to notice that a snack being offered was .... wait for it ... frankfurters?

The Lounge Act
by Charlie Olken
Posted on:5/28/2012 12:20:13 AM


Not only did I notice but I had one.

And, yes, I also noticed that your Frequent Flyer miles got you an earlier flight to Paris than mine.

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