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Wednesday Warblings
Oh, The Day-After Hangover

By Charles Olken

I will be surprised if I am the only Wednesday morning blogger with a hangover. A large bottle of expensive sparkling wine followed by a large bottle of equally dear Champagne will do that to a fella.

I wish I could report that all this what brought about in celebration of the election results, but the truth of the matter is that we started drinking long before the results were final. And while I will admit that the Presidential race did go my way, there were other results of significance both here and across the country that reaffirmed my faith in human nature and encouraged yet more tippling.

The support for schools here in California is personal. My daughter is an educator, and my grandkids are in the midst of being educated. California ranks so low in support of schools that some third world countries spend more per pupil. Our Proposition 30 may not correct all the ills, but it will help.

There are other results that kept us happy and happily imbibing. No need to recount them all. It is not only my head that is sore this A. M. Sitting in front of the TV for hour after hour has contributed to soreness at the other end of the exo-skeleton.

Thankfully, today is an off-day in our four-day a week tasting regime. Steve Eliot and I did work our ways through some pretty good Chardonnays and very ripe Zinfandels earlier yesterday. We joked that tasting was as good a way of killing time until the election returns claimed the rest of the day and night as anything else we might choose. Far better than washing the windows, which is what Mrs. Olken did until the appointed time.

You won’t learn much about wine from Connoisseurs’ Guide today, but I do have at least a bit of news to share with you. Among the wines we tasted and enjoyed yesterday were a large number of Zinfandels from the Rock Wall winery. You may remember that Rock Wall is Kent Rosenblum’s new venture. His first winery, which still bears his name but not his kind ministrations, now belongs to the Diageo conglomerate. It appears that Rock Wall will repeat parts of the Rosenblum winery experience by becoming a major purveyor of Zinfandel in many sizes and shapes. Winery production, which was limited by contract for its first few years to 5,000 cases, is now slowly growing past 20,000 and, the winery now has its bottles in most of the country’s large wine markets.

I am happy to relate all this info to you because it proves that the little grey cells are still alive and kicking. But, that happy news notwithstanding, there will be no tasting today. I might even try to get through the day without a word from Wolf Blitzer.


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by Samantha Dugan
Posted on:11/7/2012 11:31:33 AM

Breathing a giant sigh of relief. Cheers to you fine sir.

Posted on:11/25/2012 4:43:49 PM

hi charlie,

Ah I see your comments about Rockwall here. They are having a very big cyber sale tomorrow, Monday, the 26th. Any 2010's I should particularly look for?

Happy Holidays,

Leonard Maran

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