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The Hosemaster Wins—Really? Really??

By Stephen Eliot

In an election year when the improbable and impossible are becoming everyday norms and leave us questioning where reason has gone has come yet another utterly mystifying turn of events that has us scratching our heads in abject disbelief. It seems that our old friend, Mr. Ron Washam, otherwise known as the Hosemaster of Wine to both his enemies and friends, has be named as the recipient of the hitherto prestigious Roederer International Wine Writer’s award as the Ramos Pintos Online Communicator of the Year.

Now I understand that the Brexit-stunned British could certainly do with a bit of levity in their lives, but really…the Hosemaster? Further proof, I suppose, that the times are indeed changin’.

In all seriousness, or at least with all that I can muster, I could not be happier for Ron. He has been a forgiving friend of Connoisseurs’ Guide for many years and has even found his way to our tasting table at times despite his valiant struggles as a recovering sommelier. Regular CGCW readers are fully aware of our high regard for Ron’s unique talents, and we are deeply appreciative of the exceptionally literate brand of irreverent satire and sarcasm that he brings to the fundamentally humorless world of wine.

The man can write, and he can tell a good story. Just ask him about his experience in the realm of restaurant service or his performances on televised quiz shows. I confess to a certain and frequent jealousy at the easy way he seems to turn a phrase, but I know that it is nowhere as easy as it may appear. I salute his hard-to-fathom dedication at keeping all of us in the business a little more honest than we might otherwise be and constantly looking over our shoulders for an arrow or two heading in our direction, but words do matter when writing about wine and no student was ever failed by an overly harsh grader. He is an equal-opportunity satirist with a genuinely humble heart, but no one is or should be immune from his sharp eye and keen blade.

Ron, you are no longer a local treasure known only to a few but an internationally recognized purveyor of wine wisdom and wit. Maybe now you will quit threatening to retire. Who knows, some day you might even be writing for the notorious Wine Advocate. Oh, wait, congratulations on that achievement as well. I guess that you will now just sit back and watch the big bucks roll in. Thank you for all of the edgy and thought-provoking humor in the past, and for that which you are now obligated to keep coming.

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Ron Washman
by David Larsen
Posted on:9/23/2016 1:14:42 PM

Thanks for recognizing Ron's writing skills. The most important point though is his humor is laugh-out-loud funny week after week. 

Ron Washam
by Bob Henry
Posted on:9/25/2016 2:42:40 AM

Stephen and Charlie:

". . . our old friend, Mr. Ron Washam . . ."

Is he your OLD friend, or your LONG TIME friend?

(Or both?)

~~ Bob



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