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June 2017

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California Pinot Noir has been and remains on quite a roll over the last several years, and its enthusiastic reception among a growing number of admirers is more than justified. Not only has quality increased by leaps and bounds, the number of exciting new Pinot bottlings continues to grow, and the criticisms that good local Pinots were few and far between have all but disappeared. In addition to a bevy of new Pinots, we also turn our attention to a selection of 2014 Bordeaux whose imminent arrivals are generating a fair bit of interest as well, and we close out this month's issue with thoughts about some noteworthy older Cabernets from Dunn Vineyards.

Important new offerings from Blue Farm, Donum, Saintsbury, Testarossa and Williams Selyem are wines that no Pinot Noir lover will want to miss, but they are not the only standouts to be found in this month's extensive survey of recent releases, nearly three-quarters of which have earned starred recommendation.

As we like to do from time to time, we check in on the latest crop from Bordeaux to see how its stacks up home-grown efforts. If not likely to be mistaken for Cabernets and Merlots from Rutherford, Oakville and other points west, 2014 Bordeaux do offer unique pleasures of their own.

As appealing as young Cabernets can be, the best can gain great complexity and refined beauty when set aside in the cellar and allowed the chance to develop to their fullest. Our report on older vintages from Dunn Vineyards reminds that patience is a most definite virtue.

Noteworthy Chardonnays and Zinfandels costing twenty dollars and less are in the limelight this month as are a few tasty sparklers whose prices invite drinking without need of special occasion.

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