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October 2015

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Pinot Noir may have become a mainstay in the portfolio of fine California wines over the last decade, but it is easy to argue that good just keeps getting better as the very best bottlings from 2012 and 2013 have found their ways to the market. This month's extended report on new Pinot releases makes a convincing case that the variety is reaching new heights, and, as our ongoing survey of recent Chardonnays reminds, local versions from all over the state remain as impressive as ever.

The roster of outstanding Pinot Noirs seems to be lengthening with each successive vintage. It is impossible not to be excited as the bar of achievement continues to be raised, and the striking number of highly recommendable offerings in this issue dramatically attests that Pinot's time in California has clearly come.

The voices of those who would eulogize Chardonnay as a grape whose time has come and gone are fewer and less fervent these days. There are reasons aplenty why it has not relinquished its place as the state's most prized white wine variety, and, as several of this month's particularly priceworthy offerings prove, high quality does not always come at a high price.

Dollar for dollar, Riesling and Chenin Blanc arguably afford unparalleled value in wonderfully satisfying white wines, and, along with Zinfandel, they provide immense drinking pleasure without straining the budget.

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