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June 2015

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Pinot Noir steps into the spotlight in June and proves that its place as a star player is deserved. The beat goes on for the outstanding 2012 harvest, and the first 2013 releases from top producers has us excited for the second year in a row.  Grand Cru Bordeaux are featured as well, and we taste our ways through the wines of nearly fifty famous Château from 2012, a vintage that, while generally successful, might best be described as inconsistent.

What has been good just keeps getting better, and Pinot Noir’s star is still on the rise. Particularly notable this month are very strong showings from several of the state’s premier Pinot producers.

Cabernet Sauvignon remains the unquestioned king in California, and the great names of Bordeaux provided early inspiration. We check with a quick look at the new 2012 clarets to see how things are shaping up on the other side of the pond.

More than wines that simply meet the mark for good value, this month’s Best Buy selections of Zinfandel, Barbera and Chardonnay include both age-worthy wines suitable for cellaring and an irresistible bunch ready to provide tasty drinking in the warm months ahead.   


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