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August 2015

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The virtues of three fine vintages in a row find varying voices in this month's issue. The latest installment of new Cabernet Sauvignons reinforces our beliefs that the 2012 crop was one that will delight all but the most recalcitrant critics of things vinous in California, and 2013 and 2014 have accordingly been very kind to Sauvignon Blanc. A quick look at Semillon reveals that there is precious little of the stuff to be had, but that does not mean that it should be ignored.

After a couple of challenging years, a very palpable sigh of relief was heard from the state's Cabernet makers as the 2012 harvest came in. It turns out that there are a great many downright delicious reasons why.

Sauvignon Blanc makes a regular appearance on our tables throughout the year, but it is especially welcome with the lighter foods that warm weather demands, and we check out a new slate of offerings just in time for drinking during the dog days of summer.

Semillon, you say? There is little of it, it is not spoken of widely and it is praised even less, but in the hands of winemakers who know and love it, it can make thoroughly enjoyable, generously fruited white wines that are far more than forgettable quaffs.

Budget-stretching Syrahs, Chardonnays and Rosés are featured this month and are certain to please discriminating drinkers without breaking the bank.

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