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November 2020

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Pinot Noir may not have quite the lengthy history of popular success that Chardonnay has here in California, but, if good local Pinots were nearly impossible to find some forty years back, that is clearly no longer the case, and the extensive survey of new releases in this issue features a wealth of very good, star-rated examples of both.

We here on the West Coast have been blessed with a succession of fine Pinot Noir vintages, and the ranks of enthusiastic Pinot admirers seems to swell with each passing year. As the first accomplished bottlings from outstanding 2018 vintage are now starting to appear, it is clear that local Pinot's remarkable trajectory of success continues to rise.

Chardonnay very justifiably retains its place as America's most popular wine, and there is simply no shortage of highly recommendable versions, some of which are decidedly complex and collectable efforts deserving a special place in cellar, and, as always, deliciously fruity, especially priceworthy offerings abound.

There are good values galore in full-flavored Syrahs just as there are in tasty, lately resurgent Merlots, many of which are featured this month. And, there are a handful of very affordable, well-made Albariños and Vermentinos that check in with prices that make these lesser-known white varieties well worth investigation by those on the hunt for something a bit different in lively, eminently food-friendly white wines.

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