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May 2020

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A flood of new Chardonnays heads up this issue of CGCW and includes stellar offerings from many of the top names in the business as well as more than a few very affordable efforts that deliver pleasure aplenty. And, because one cannot subsist on white wines alone, the spotlight in May is shared by a toothsome collection of recently arrived Cabernet Francs, Petit Verdots and Malbecs that are certain to win these less commonly encountered red varieties a fair share of new fans.

We do not think that there has ever been such a wealth of delicious Chardonnays from which to choose, and, whether one's preference runs to subtle and nuanced or to those that are bigger and bolder, our extensive report on a bevy of new worthies includes noteworthy renditions for every situation, setting and taste.

A principal component in the great clarets of Saint-Émilion, Cabernet Franc has been but a quiet presence here, yet that is slowly beginning to change, and there are good reasons why.

Petit Verdot is responsible for hearty, typically tannic, tooth-staining red wines, but the recent batch of local versions that have made their ways to our tasting table is proving that it can yield far more.

For some time, the market has been awash with tasty Malbecs from Argentina, and California is now coming up with some very good examples of its own. We take a quick look this month at a handful of fine home-grown offerings.

Good Cabernet Sauvignon often comes at a price that can be daunting, but there are plenty of surprisingly successful bottlings that will not strain the budget, and our top picks in affordable favorites are joined in this installment of Best Buys by a palate-pleasing lot of Merlots that similarly hit the mark for outstanding value.

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