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June 2019

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California's signature white wine shares the stage this month with one of the state's lesser-known reds, and, if fine Chardonnay needs nothing in the way of introduction, those who fancy hearty red wines should know that there are good things happening with Petite Sirah with a surprising number of substantial, carefully crafted renditions that are most definitely deserving of attention.

California Chardonnay is lately being discussed as a wine that is experiencing a golden age, and we find it hard to disagree with such sentiment. We have had an unprecedented succession of good harvests, and constant refinement in viticulture and winemaking technique means that stellar examples abound.

Petite Sirah has been a mainstay in California for a very long time, yet it is rarely praised as being a variety of great significance, but the modern version is showing that it is a wine, that when well made, need not be derailed by tannic excess and can, in fact, be wonderfully deep and generous in fruit.

Zinfandel has long been one of our top picks when it comes to delicious red wines that offer uncommon value, and it is accompanied in our latest installment of Best Buys by Pinot Noirs and Pinot Gris that earn enthusiastic endorsement for their happy coupling of quality and budget-friendly prices.

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