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December 2019

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Sparkling wines and Cabernet Sauvignon in current release, as well as a collection of fully mature Cabernets from 2004, are featured in this issue, and, as always, there are happy discoveries aplenty, just in time to make to add extra luster to seasonal celebrations.

We are second to none in our appreciation of California's best sparkling wines, but, while they can be breathtaking, equally impressive is the quality offered by more affordable bottling, many of whose modest prices are cause for celebration themselves.

2004 was one of the riper vintages on record and spawned much controversy about the direction in which California wines might be headed. A great many pundits argued that wines of such ripeness could not possibly age, and we take a look at a dozen selected Cabernets of the vintage to see just how they are doing at in their fifteenth year.

As more 2016 Cabernets arrive, it is becoming clear that praise for the much-heralded harvest has not been hyperbolic, and, even though our cellars are well-stocked with wines from the previous four excellent vintages, there is always room for a few more when they are as good as the 2016s.

We agree with those who hold that good wine is a necessity, and this month's line-up of top values in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel once again proves that quality and affordability are far from mutually exclusive.

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