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February 2020

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February's issue of Connoisseurs' Guide features an absolute bounty of new Pinot Noirs, but, no slight intended to those who believe that the first duty of any wine is to be red, we cannot imagine going without good white wines as well and find space to check in on a handful of new offerings made from Pinot Gris, a grape whose DNA has been determined by the University of California at Davis to be remarkably similar to Pinot Noir.

Although we eagerly anticipate the arrival of new Pinot Noirs from those producers that have perennially proven their mettle as being among the very best in business, we also revel in the discovery of talented makers that are new to these pages. We are excited at the showings of both in this month's edition.

It is often dismissed as being a simple quaff at best, but even a cursory look at West Coast Pinot Gris proves otherwise. While there are many that fill the bill as light-hearted, warm-weather gulpers, others can show surprising richness and structure, and more than a few deliver fine value.

Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc are varieties that stand out for consistently producing an especially high number of wines earning "Good Value" recommendation in these pages, and, along with a handful of modestly priced, but high-achieving, Rosés, they share the spotlight in our latest installment of Best Buys.

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