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July 2015

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Chardonnay still sits securely atop California’s long list of successful white wines and is featured this month along with a bounty of noteworthy new Syrah releases that belie any notion that the grape has been abandoned. We also take a long look at new Rosés that, while wonderful wines with which to slake summer’s heat, are proving to be tasty, very versatile wines suited for year-round service with a wide range of foods. 

That it is the state’s most popular white wine variety may make it a target for criticism from those who are obsessed with what is different and new, but those who turn a blind eye to Chardonnay are needlessly missing out on wines of unparalleled richness and range.

Contrary to the tiresome claims of a vocal few, Syrah has not disappeared, and, if finding the better versions may sometimes take an extra effort, they are eminently collectible wines that are well worth seeking out. This month we report on some of the best.

Rosé is being taken more seriously by a growing number of winemakers these days, and there is a host of very attractive, food-worthy bottlings that are a breed apart from the candied wines that once defined local pinks.

Quality does not always come at a high cost, and July’s shopping list of sensibly priced Pinot Noirs, Cabernet Sauvignons and Sauvignon Blancs more than proves the point.

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