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July 2022

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We have never subscribed to the notion that one or another wine was the best thing to drink in this or that season. Good wine is good wine. We must confess, however, that, though Zinfandel is a stable for us throughout the year, it is particular favorite with the sweet and savory barbecued fare that we never quite seem to get enough of during the summertime grilling season, and, we do reach for a good Rosé a little more frequently during warmer months.

Despite the many difficulties with which winemakers had to contend in 2020, there are still plenty of fine wines to be had from the vintage, even if not quite as many as we have become used to seeing. As for Zinfandel, much as with other varieties, careful consideration is best in finding the right wines for the cellar.

Rosé can have a more serious side than it is typically credited with, and the current collection of pink bottlings made from so many different grapes includes a good many very well-made examples that prove just that point.

Notable values among new Pinot Noirs head up this month's edition of Best Buys, and a handful of especially price-worthy recent favorites among Cabernet Sauvignon also reminds that drinking well does not necessarily mean breaking the budget.

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