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June 2021

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Pinot Noir is the solo star of the June issue of Connoisseurs' Guide. No longer a variety waiting in the wings for its chance to shine as brightly as Cabernet Sauvignon, it has proven its worth on the West Coast time and time again and now occupies a much deserved place on the A-list of attention-getting red wines.

Pinot Noir may have been a resident of California for many decades, but it is only in the last twenty years or so that it has been regarded with anything even close to the respect afforded its Burgundian cousins from France. The wines it makes here are now as good as any produced in the world and, if truth be told, we think they are getting better with each passing year.

California by no means has a monopoly when it comes to West Coast Pinot Noirs of the first order and must share that honor with Oregon. If a bit late to the winemaking game compared to the Golden State, the vintners of Oregon have convincingly proven that the cool climes of the Northwest are a most hospitable home for what is often thought to be a particularly temperamental grape.

Noteworthy values in Chardonnay and Zinfandel are featured in the latest installment of Best Buys and serve as tasty reminders that expressive, well-made wines can be enjoyed on a regular basis without causing guilt when the monthly credit card statement arrives.

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