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November 2019

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Inspired by the great wines of Burgundy, but possessing a seemingly limitless variety of voices all their own, the Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs of the West Coast are, as their ardent fans have long been aware, as good as any in the world. Moreover, they are made in such an increasingly broad range of styles that they defy simple categorization, and, although they present the inquisitive drinker with a dizzying choice of delectable options, we are not about to argue that there can be too much of a good thing.

There are Chardonnays that fill the bill as affordable, easy-to-gulp, fruity quaffers and others that are as complex and worthy of long contemplation as any white wine can be. This month's update on new, not-to-be-missed examples shows off the full-spectrum of what this amazingly versatile variety has to offer.

Not only do the best West Coast Pinot Noirs seem to be getting better and better with each passing vintage, equally impressive is the sheer number of memorable offerings that make just that point. The collection of new releases reviewed in November is an especially noteworthy one with an uncommonly high percentage of collectable wines checking in with multiple-star ratings.

Top values in Syrah, Merlot and Barbera are in the limelight this month, and, when it comes to bang for the buck, our latest list of Best Buys counts some of the more-exciting red-wine bargains to be found regardless of variety.

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