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October 2017

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Cabernet Sauvignon may still be king in California, but Pinot Noir is starting to look like the crown prince who is hungrily eyeing the throne. This month's extended survey of new releases confirms once again that the days when the state's growers and makers referred to Pinot as the "heartbreak grape" have long passed. Chardonnay shares the spotlight in this edition, and it comfortably maintains its unchallenged place as the state's premium white wine.

Outstanding efforts from Davies, Laetitia, Siduri and Three Sticks, to name but a few proven Pinot producers, head up our latest list of lovelies, and tiny Blue Oasis makes its first CGCW appearance with a not-to-be-missed pair that pointedly reminds there is always room for talented newcomers.

Chardonnay has long since proven its mettle on the west coast. Not content to rest on their laurels, its many makers continue to explore the endlessly fascinating possibilities of style, and, with the broad spectrum of fine bottlings from which to chose, it is easy to argue that Chardonnay lovers have never had it so good.

Zinfandel remains our go-to local red when it comes to wines that overachieve at the price, and it is joined in this issue by Riesling and Gewürztraminer, two woefully underappreciated aromatic whites that offer altogether remarkable value.

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